Real Yoga

Yoga practice became popular in the west about 1970's. Yoga however is thousands of years old method, which aims at self awareness and realizing the deepest truth about oneself.

There are many traditional Yoga methods and continuously new brand and method names and teachers appear in the market. Traditional yoga is known as Hatha, Raja, Bhakti, Karma and Jnana yoga, also other forms of yoga have been established hundreds of years already. All these different forms of yoga are just different methods of achieving the same end result. One form of yoga may be more suitable for one or the other, but non of these different forms do not guarantee a positive end result, i.e. finding the truth about one's true self.

Nowadays it is especially difficult to decide which form of Yoga to follow as there are so many possibilities available. It's hard to get the real feeling about one method unless it is practiced long enough. Some times it can take years before the real deeper meaning of a yoga practice is revealed to the practitioner.

Purpose of a Guru

In Yoga's history the value of a Spiritual Teacher or Guru has always been emphasized. Why? Would it not be possible to reach the state of self realization (Samadhi, Enlightenment, Nirvana, there are many names) just by doing the practice? Those who developed yoga, wise Indians (Rishis) have always taught yoga individually to their students and followed carefully their development, why so?

Experience has shown that there are so many obstructions and stumbling points on the way to find the deepest truth about oneself that it is quite clear that a teacher who has gone the path all the way trough is needed. He/She knows the obstructions on the way and how to get over the problems or pass them. Only a person who has attained self realization can be considered as a proper teacher "on the last steps" before self realization. Also one who start on the way to self realization should have Enlightened teacher as early as possible, because un experienced or misleading "teacher" can cause trouble (compare blind guiding blind). Choosing a teacher is of utmost importance to a yoga practitioner.

How to find a real Enlightened Spiritual Teacher ?

It is said that Jesus said something like this: "You know them by their fruit". It is important to look and search long enough and feel how a teacher feels like, does he/she have a connection to the deep source of wisdom, and can he/she help a seeker of the truth. Once such true teacher is found, it is possible to achieve such a connection and understanding that you know for sure who is your spiritual teacher on this planet.

Jesus sent his disciples to different directions to teach and to talk to people. So it's possible to receive good and useful teaching also from the disciples of an Enlightened teacher. The Holy Spirit was guiding the disciples on their way. Even today the students of an enlightened spiritual teacher can have connection to the guidance of The Holy Spirit or The Transmission and help people by following the guidance.

Good luck and success to all seekers of Spiritual Teacher and the Truth!