Daikomio Valo

Usui’s natural healing method, Usui Shiko Ryoho in Japanese. Word ReiKi has many different meanings, for instance universal life force, heavenly holy wisdom, love.

One can experience Reiki by having Reiki healing given by a healer or by learning it. Reiki healer is a channel for Reiki energy and Reiki flows through healers hands into the recipient. Nobody can do any harm or damage anyone or anything by using Reiki. It is suitable for all living creatures: people, animals and plants. Reiki passes through a healer’s hearth: it is a power of love. It is up to a recipient, how much Reiki energy he or she takes. Reiki healing helps for example in deep relaxation, increasing of life force, opening of blocked energy channels, eliminating of body’s toxins and increasing of vibration frequency.

Reiki I course

Self healing and healing with hands

A person attending two day’s course learns how to use Reiki for healing oneself and others. Ability to serve as a Reiki channel is transferred by means of Reiki initiation. A student will be united with four initiations to universal life force. When a student has received the initiations, the connection to Reiki stays with him/her for the rest of his/hers life. In addition to that one learns the practical issues, basic and additional hand positions, balancing of energy, influences of the Reiki treatment and ethical principals of Reiki. One will also receive orientation of the spirit of Reiki. Focus of Reiki I course is to turn towards ones physical level.

Reiki II course

Long-distance healing

Second Reiki degree means working with symbols and mantras, which influence beyond time and place. These symbols and mantras start to work in student when Reiki teacher has shifted them energetically to s student via initiation. The tree symbols of Usui Reiki and how to use them will be taught during the course. The flow of Reiki energy will essentially become stronger.

Reiki III course

Teacher degree and personal growth

The third Reiki degree (= Reiki Master/Teacher) is for getting the information how to activate the universal Reiki energy. One can say that Reiki’s circle closes. This training lasts at least one year and is taught in the form of private course. Various people want to take a Reiki III degree in order to speed up their own personal growth or they feel calling to spread Reiki energy to other people. After taken the third degree a person can teach all three Reiki degrees.