Oshana Energy-Work


Oshana Energy-Work method is a wonderful way of increasing awareness, cleaning, strengthening and learning to feel your energies. Practicing Oshana Energy-Work method even for a short while makes a big difference in your well being. The postures and the movements are easy to learn and in short time the practice can become pleasurable moving mediation.

Quote from the web site of the method developer Dave Oshana:

"The Oshana Energy-Work Method is a self-healing moving meditation which promotes peace of mind, deep relaxation and stress-release by clearing obstructions from the acupuncture qi-meridians and cleans the yoga chakras and nadis.

The OEWM utilizes a series of physical movements, postures, self-massage, relaxation and breathing techniques which effectively support, strengthen and correct the body's functions. Each technique raises the student's energy and awareness levels. Advanced practitioners learn to identify, prevent and cure illness."

Teacher Arto Neuvonen was directly taught by OEWM founder and developer Dave Oshana. For Arto's classes and other events please see our Meetings schedule.

Further information about Oshana Energy-Work Method.

Schedule of Oshana Energy-Work classes and other events by Dave Oshana.