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Yoga originates from Far East (India). Yoga tradition is several thousand years old, but it has been well recognized in the west only for some decades. Real Yoga and it's deepest meaning is largely not understood in the west. Word Yoga comes from Sanskrit, which is an ancient language used in India. "Yoga" is translated in to English as "Oneness" or "Unity with God". This means that a real Yogi who is in the state of yoga is actually Enlightened and is one with God. How many of those who practice yoga are in that state? In fact people who go to Yoga classes are practicing yoga asanas and other methods to remove the obstructions that are blocking the connection with God. Once you reach the unity state you do not need to practice Yoga Asanas , Pranayama (Breathing techniques), Meditation or do any other yoga practices.

There are not so many people on this planet that claim to be in the state of Oneness. If you find one, who is in the state of Oneness, you can consider yourself really lucky and fortunate. Even better if you can enjoy the wonderful results of being a student of such Spiritual Teacher or Enlightened Being.

Most of the "Yoga teachers" that teach yoga or run yoga classes are not in the state of oneness, however if the yoga teacher has himself/herself an Enlightened Spiritual Teacher you can consider your self lucky to be a student of such yoga teacher. Naturally you need to watch out and see "what kind of fruit the tree bears".

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

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