Advanced Yoga practice

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Advanced Yoga practice is suitable for adults who have some yoga experience. One year of practice may be enough to get some experience of basic asanas, later you might like to deepen your practice. In an advanced class we practice with classic postures (Asanas), however more space is allowed for finding individual inner rhythm and guidance. We gently stretch, bend and twist the body in several different postures or we just rest listening to breathing and the body. The purpose of the practice is to experience peace of mind, relaxation, being aware of body and breathings through out the practice, also getting to know the inner guidance and being deeply aware of the experience. The main coal of the practice is to enter and stay aware in a meditative state, rather than doing or improving physical movements or asanas. During and after the practice the body feels relaxed, the mind feels calm and peaceful.

It is good to have with you a yoga mat (some cotton mat or bed cover), warm and airy natural fiber clothing and a bottle of drinking water. Woolen socks and a warm cover sheet might be useful at the end of the practice to help facilitate deep relaxation.

You can participate in advanced yoga class year after year, however you might also like to have deep experience practicing Oshana Energy-Work method.

For up to date information about available courses, please see meetings.

If you can't find a suitable Yoga course from our present schedule, or if you would like to start a practice in your company or elsewhere, please contact us.

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